Cape Egmont Replica Lighthouse

Work began in 2000 to build a replica lighthouse down the Bayly Road at the Cape Egmont Boat Club.
The original lighthouse is still situated down the Cape Road south of Pungarehu.


The original lighthouse was built in London in the 1800's and was shipped out to New Zealand in 1865. The segments were assembled and the Lighthouse was erected on Mana Island, north of Wellington. New Zealand's rugged coastline and another Lighthouse situated further down the coast caused confusion to shipping and after several shipping accidents the Lighthouse was dismanted and shipped up to Taranaki. The slow completion of the Lighthouse finally saw the first light lit in August 1881. The light had a range of 22 nautical miles out to sea allowing ships to pass Cape Egmont safely. The Lighthouse became fully automated in 1986. The 1850’s Fresnil Prismatic Light that powered the Cape Egmont light until 1999. See image below.


The Historic Cape Light and Museum houses the light from the original lighthouse. The light is still operational by inserting a $2 coin. The museum holds many local treasures including information about Lord Earnest Rutherford's early days on the coast. The Rutherford family ran a flax mill close by the Cape Lighthouse. There is maritime memorabilia featuring early shipping along the coast as well.

The Museum is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday 11am - 3pm. Entry is by donation.